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Trusted & Accredited

With multiple ISO accreditations, we ensure that the utmost care is taken with your project. Our accreditations are a testament to our commitment to high standards in safety and quality, as well as environmental impact. Similarly, our partnerships emphasise our forward-thinking and leading approaches to geospatial surveying.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our team continues to do its part in creating a sustainable future by using cutting-edge geospatial tech like laser scanning and drones; we offer detailed site surveys while preserving the environment, as well as structural repair methods to salvage and stabilise buildings instead of having to demolish and rebuild.

Who is Spot?

Boston Dynamic’s SPOT robotic dog is now at Galaxy City and equipped with a robust suite of sensors, scanners and built-in computer with voice-command capabilities. In our experienced team’s hands, SPOT is an intelligent and responsive data-gathering device that can autonomously conduct inspection missions and provide instant, voice-activated access to asset data for engineers.

As a result, SPOT is an invaluable member of the Galaxy City team and proof of the future of construction management and more.

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