The Starfish Story

Exploring the Galaxy

The Legend of the Starfish

In the cosmic dance of time and space, there was a vibrant young explorer named Lyra, traversing the surreal landscapes of a distant world.

Her journey led her to a beach, a starlit expanse littered with thousands of bioluminescent beings – the Starfish of the Galaxy, marooned by the forceful whims of an immense celestial tempest.

Lyra and her journey

With each Galaxy Starfish she came upon, Lyra would delicately lift it, careful not to disturb its twinkling appendages, and tenderly launch it back into the nebulous ocean. This act of kindness, foreign yet touching, drew the curious gaze of the planet’s alien inhabitants.
In the face of this monumental task, Lyra persevered, her spirit as unyielding as a supernova. It was then that an elderly astronomer, hardened by years of cosmic cynicism, approached her. He queried, “Young wanderer, why do you commit to such a daunting task? Look at this expanse of stars on sand! Saving these galaxy starfish is a task beyond reach. You can’t possibly make a difference.”
For a fleeting moment, Lyra’s spirit dimmed, like a star masked by a passing comet. But then, with renewed determination, she gently picked up another shimmering starfish, and cast it back into the cosmic ocean. Turning her gaze to the astronomer, she replied with a soft, defiant voice, “Perhaps, but for that one starfish, I’ve transformed its universe.”

Moved by her conviction

Her words hung in the air like a new constellation just been discovered. The old astronomer, moved by her conviction, found a spark of inspiration rekindled within him. Joining Lyra, he, too, began returning the astral starfish to their oceanic cosmos. Their quiet determination echoed across the planet, and soon, more beings joined in their endeavour. One by one, each starfish was returned to the celestial ocean, their rightful home in the galaxies.

The beach was once again a tranquil mirror, reflecting the glimmering tapestry of the night sky. Lyra’s act, small but significant, resonated across the universe. Her journey became a testament to the inhabitants of that world and beyond, a poignant reminder that even a single act of kindness can indeed reshape a galaxy. Adapted from The Star Thrower, by Loren Eiseley (1907 – 1977)