Sinking Foundation Repairs

Sinking Foundation Repairs

Don’t settle for sinking foundations.

Are you needing to fix sinking foundations? Galaxy City is here to help. As part of our full service offering, sinking foundation repair is one of our top services in Melbourne.

Our team of seasoned professionals plan and implement efficient repairs, problem-solving ahead of time to minimise delays and unexpected costs for all foundation and structural repairs.

We keep our clients informed every step of the way and deliver nothing but the best possible results.

What Causes Sinking Foundations?

Water Pooling

Sinking foundations are usually caused by an excess of water pooling under or near the foundation of your property. In this situation, water seeps into the ground, loosening and weakening the foundations until the structure starts to sink.


This might occur as a result of poor or damaged drainage, faulty pipes, or even extreme rainfall.

Older Buildings

For older buildings especially, it is inevitable that their pipes will start to crack and leak over time.


When this happens, tree roots might start to encroach on this space and grow towards your foundation, drying any clay and loosening any soil in the process. This will lead to instability within the foundations.

Other Causes

Other causes of a sinking foundation include soil erosion, seismic activity and hydrostatic pressure from groundwater.


There could also be an issue with the way your building was constructed. If the soil wasn’t properly packed before the foundations were laid, this could cause ongoing issues with your home’s structure.


Similarly, nearby construction could also cause the ground to shift and the foundation to sink.

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Whatever the case may be, our sinking slab foundation repair services will resolve the issue in no time.

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At Galaxy City, we pride ourselves on rebuilding and stabilising buildings through foundation and structural repairs. Our experienced and knowledgeable team find effective strategic solutions to structural issues, and use these solutions to enact things like concrete slab crack repairs and sinking foundation repairs.

If you’re faced with problems such as retaining wall damage, we can conduct both intensive repairs and aesthetic changes to get your intended results. We also offer electrical repairs, and use high-tech tools such as drones to get a better understanding of what’s actually happening to your building’s exterior.

If you require storm damage repair, we can get to the root cause of the issue and construct a recovery plan that suits you too.

Why Do You Need Sinking Foundation Repair?

If you suspect that your foundation is sinking, it is advisable that you get it fixed as soon as possible. A sinking foundation can cause a myriad of problems to occur within your property, like, for example, cracked walls.

Along with the subsequent movement it causes within a structure, a sinking foundation will put excessive pressure on the walls and cause them to crack under the strain. You might also find that when you walk around your premises or go to sit down, the floor and furniture feels slightly tilted.

A sloping floor is a strong indication that the structure’s foundation is sinking. There may also be a gap between your floor skirting and the door, as well as signs that the floor is slowly separating.

Pay attention to how often your windows and doors are getting jammed — if your foundation is sinking, they will probably jam at a higher frequency than they once did.

Of course, these issues are relatively minor annoyances and aesthetic failures, rather than anything serious. At Galaxy City, we would argue that these aspects of your property are still important, and will greatly affect your experience within this very significant space.

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Additionally, it’s worth noting that a sinking foundation is also associated with some much more severe issues. A good foundation means increased safety and longevity, as well as a greater capacity to withstand earthquakes, floods and other environmental extremes. When your foundation is sinking, your property becomes more vulnerable to both minor and major wear and tear.

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