Cracked Concrete Slab Repair

Cracked Concrete Slab Repair

Put strength back into your building with slab repairs.

Have you spotted a crack in your foundation slab? Don’t ignore it.

There are a variety of issues that could occur as a result of cracking foundations, and none of them will resolve on their own. Fortunately, Galaxy City offers concrete slab crack repair services Melbourne-wide as part of our wider foundation and structural repairs range.

Our team knows how to complete efficient and effective repairs so that you can keep your building up to standard. We are experts at problem-solving and planning ahead of time, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs and delays. If you choose Galaxy City to repair your cracked concrete slab, you can also expect complete transparency. We’ll keep you informed at every stage of the process and endeavour to deliver flawless results.

What’s Wrong With Having Cracks in Your Concrete Slab?

There are four main types of cracks that can occur in concrete. These are hairline, shrinkage, settlement and structural. Any and all cracks that you notice should be investigated, but structural and settlement cracks are the most problematic.

The four main types include:
  • Structural cracks threaten the safety and durability of your building.

  • Settlement cracks increase the risk of corrosion and make the concrete itself less durable. Notably, settlement cracks can also cause part of the concrete slab to sink. If this occurs, then the building will become more vulnerable to general wear-and-tear and weather extremes. You might also experience cracking walls, tilted floors, jamming windows and doors, and gaps between the floor skirting and the doors of the building. In this instance, you would require sinking foundation repair, which we also offer at Galaxy City.

  • Shrinkage cracks in concrete slabs will form due to weaknesses in the concrete, and can lead to problems with water penetration. Thankfully, this is relatively rare. The main problem with shrinkage cracks is that they have a huge impact on the appearance of the concrete. Other non-structural cracks can also leave the building vulnerable to moisture, as well as damaging environmental substances. If these make their way into the foundations, they could cause corrosion and destabilise the building. This is why it is important to get all cracks investigated by professionals.

  • While small, fine cracks of less than 0.33mm in width are generally safe and acceptable, they still require inspection. Fine cracks can also make a building look old and derelict, so you may want this fixed for aesthetic purposes.
    At Galaxy City, we will determine the appropriate repair method based on the purpose, environment and design-life of the concrete structure, as well as the nature of the cracking.

What Causes Cracked Concrete?

There are a few reasons why you might find cracks in your concrete slab.
Poor Craftsmanship & Faulty Design

Structural cracks generally happen as a result of faulty design, poor craftsmanship or overloading. Settlement cracks can form on the surface of the concrete when the ground beneath it separates. The ground might change in this way as a result of a nearby tree being chopped down, as this action will mean a shifting in roots.

Incorrect Mix Ratio

There might have been too much water added to the concrete mix, or a lack of control points. Shrinkage cracks in concrete slabs can also occur when the concrete dries too quickly. Essentially, the moisture on the surface of the concrete evaporates at a faster rate than it can be supplied back to it. As a result, the concrete dries, shrinks and cracks.

Weather Conditions

These events might take place as a result of weather conditions or poor construction practices. Whatever the cause, fixing a cracked concrete slab will be possible once the damage and causes have been assessed.

Discover our other structural repair services on offer. At Galaxy City, we return buildings to their former glory through foundation and structural repairs.

Our services focus on improving safety, building durability and restoring aesthetic appeal. We can assist with problems such as retaining wall damage, which might look like cracking, tilting, bulging, bowing or buckling. We also offer electrical services and take care of sinking foundations. If your property has been affected by weather events, we also have storm damage repair services to get to the root of what’s happened to your building’s interiors and exteriors.

Fix Your Cracked Concrete Slabs Today!

By getting your cracked concrete slab fixed sooner rather than later, you save yourself a whole lot of trouble. Cracks can cause a variety of larger issues that will threaten the safety and durability of your property. Contact the team at Galaxy City today and watch us find the cause, fix the problem and prevent any further damage.

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