Foundation & Structural Repairs

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Foundation & Structural Repairs


We offer an extensive range of solutions for structural problems such as:
  • Rectifying building subsidence
  • Repairing internal and external wall cracks
  • Mending failed foundations
  • Fixing sinking slabs and floors
  • Levelling misaligned buildings
  • Restoring impact and earthquake damage
  • Filling holes and voids
  • Conducting soil remediation
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Our Residential Approach

The Process:
  • Using advanced Geospatial, Geotechnical, and GPR technologies, our certified engineers and technicians identify the root causes and stress points of structural issues.

  • Based on our findings, we employ a range of techniques, including:

    • Extra low viscosity permeation grout injections
    • Single-component water-activated hydrophobic, low viscosity closed cell polyurethane injections
    • Acrylic three-component, water-swelling hydrogel
    • Screw piles
    • Bored piers
    • Custom-engineered underpinning methods
    • Helibar remediation
  • After stabilizing the foundation, our construction team manages cosmetic repairs, offering a holistic solution.

    • Every project concludes with a bearing capacity test or engineering report.
    • We provide a 12-month monitoring and maintenance package.
    • Warranties range from 10 to 50 years, based on the repair methodology used.

Commercial & Industrial

Our Specialised Structural Repair Services:
  • Tailored solutions for unique structural repair needs.
  • Addressing sinking foundations, cracked slabs, and damaged retaining walls.
  • Restoration of failed sea walls and structures affected by impacts or winds.
  • Soil stabilization, void filling, and remediation.
Note: This is just a glimpse of our extensive service range.
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Our Commercial Approach

The Process:
  • We begin with a detailed engineering analysis using advanced geospatial and geotechnical tools.

  • Our engineers craft a custom solution for your project, ensuring minimal disruption to any on-site businesses.

  • Our technicians employ a range of technologies, including:

    • Various polyurethane injections
    • Low viscosity grout injections
    • Water-activated polyurethane injections
    • Acrylic hydrogel
    • Ultrafine cement soil stabilization
    • Custom underpinning methods, helibar remediation, and more.
  • Post stabilization, our Commercial Construction team manages service restorations and cosmetic repairs, providing a holistic solution.

  • Every project concludes with a bearing capacity test or engineering report. We offer a 12-month monitoring and maintenance package. Our warranties range from 10 to 50 years, based on the repair methodology used.

Infrastructure & Mining Solutions

Collaboration & Application:
  • The precise data we gather is invaluable for our clients’ engineering teams.
  • We collaborate closely, offering engineering and lab support to craft optimal stabilisation and rectification plans.
Our field experts undertake tasks such as: Ground and soil stabilization. Restoration and reinforcement of tunnels, elevator shafts, pipelines, and storage tanks. Enhancing the structural integrity of mining equipment and infrastructure affected by terrain instability and water intrusion. Addressing challenges like sinkholes, abandoned mines, decommissioned tanks, and landslide repairs. Note: The above are just highlights of our expansive service range.
Technological Edge:
Our Geospatial teams leverage advanced robotics, AI, drones, and custom robotic movers equipped with high-end scanning and surveying tools. This tech suite enables safe access to hazardous areas like collapsed structures, underwater zones, and areas with compromised air quality. We pride ourselves on data collection with millimetre precision.
Extended Network:
We maintain strong ties with national and international chemical engineering labs. Depending on project specifics, we collaborate with these partners to create, test, and certify bespoke products tailored for your needs.