Geo Surveying & Technology


3D Laser Scanning

Galaxy City harnesses the power of 3D laser scanning to bring unparalleled precision to our engineering projects. This technology captures meticulous measurements and swiftly detects structural anomalies.

There are several reasons why chemical injection may be used on a foundation:
  • Streamlines design validation and reverse engineering with detailed 3D blueprints.

  • Combined with SPOT technology, our scanning offers automated data capture, enhanced efficiency, and safety. SPOT’s SLAM capabilities ensure data acquisition in varied lighting and terrains.

  • Transforms processes by providing 3D models that refine design stages, detect clashes early, and verify accuracy, minimizing rework and costs.

  • Offers precise 3D models for geological assessments, enabling swift decision-making and risk mitigation.

  • Safely record archaeological sites, aiding in restoration, replica creation, and risk prediction, which is crucial for preserving cultural treasures.

  • Assists in analysing structural health, planning renovations and expansions for bridges and roads. It also aids in risk management for utilities, ensuring clients make informed decisions.

    At Galaxy City, our commitment is to precision, safety, and efficiency, ensuring our clients benefit from the best technology.

UAV Drone Mapping at Galaxy City

3D Reality Modelling
Harnessing UAV drones, we capture aerial images that, through advanced photogrammetry software, become detailed 3D models. These models offer unparalleled detail, revolutionizing project planning, site analysis, and landscape showcasing.
Orthoimage & Asset Recording
Our drones produce geometrically accurate aerial images, essential for GIS applications across sectors like construction and agriculture. Paired with asset recording, we provide a comprehensive digital inventory for efficient resource management and predictive maintenance.
Surveying & Mapping
Our state-of-the-art drones, equipped with advanced sensors, redefine surveying by delivering precise maps and 3D terrain models. This accelerates decision-making in civil engineering, urban planning, and environmental studies, ensuring accuracy with reduced survey time.
Construction & Infrastructure Inspections
Our drones excel in inspecting infrastructure capturing real-time data to detect structural issues and potential hazards. This proactive approach, combined with our analysis, ensures infrastructure longevity and safety.
Thermal Analysis
Using infrared imaging, our drones detect temperature variations, aiding in energy audits, leak detection, and even search and rescue missions. This early detection system prevents minor issues from escalating.
Elios 3 with LiDAR for Underground Scanning
Designed for tunnels and mines, Elios 3 navigates challenging terrains, providing accurate 3D scans. Its collision-resistant design ensures safe underground scanning, aiding in safety assessments and efficient planning.
At Galaxy City, we’re not just embracing the future of drone technology; we’re defining it.

Traditional Surveying

Topographic and Feature Surveys:
Using cutting-edge technology, we map earth contours and identify features like buildings, utilities, and vegetation. Our detailed 3D site representations are indispensable for civil engineering and architecture sectors, ensuring you have the data for informed planning and design.
Control Network Establishment:
We set up robust control networks for consistent geospatial referencing using state-of-the-art equipment. This ensures accurate spatial information across projects, enhancing efficiency and reducing project risks.
Construction Setout Services:
Our surveyors adeptly translate design coordinates to the ground, guiding builders in precise construction element positioning. This precision minimizes potential errors, streamlining the construction process.

Traditional Surveying at Galaxy City

Mining Surveys:
We offer detailed surveys for both open-cut and underground mines, capturing essential data like volumes and pit designs. This information aids in safe and efficient mine operations, supporting decision-making and risk prediction.
Road and Highway Surveys:
Our surveys provide comprehensive data for transportation infrastructure, capturing topography and existing features. This precision aids in road construction and maintenance, ensuring safer and efficient transportation.
Historical Land Surveys:
We meticulously document historical landmarks, capturing their unique features and dimensions. This data aids conservation, renovation, and research, preserving our shared cultural heritage.
At Galaxy City, our commitment to precision and excellence ensures that every survey serves as a foundation for success.
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BIM, Digital Twin, and CAD Plans

At Galaxy City, we merge BIM, Digital Twin, and CAD Plans to redefine construction and design. Our AsBuilt 3D models offer precision, while Digital Twin optimizes asset performance. Our CAD plans ensure real-world alignment, making us a beacon in modern construction solutions.
AsBuilt 3D Models
We craft AsBuilt 3D models from basic LOD100 to intricate LOD400. Using BIM technology, these models provide a digital snapshot of your project, essential for facility management and renovations.
Asbuilt 2D CAD Plans
Our precise 2D CAD plans capture the final state of a structure, reflecting any construction alterations. These are invaluable for facility management and future modifications.
Digital Twins for Asset Management
We create digital counterparts of your assets, enabling real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance. This approach enhances decision-making, reduces costs, and prolongs asset life.
Revolutionising Construction
Our expertise in BIM, Digital Twin, and CAD ensures efficient construction, design alignment, and reduced rework. We enhance collaboration and speed up construction phases.
Infrastructure Development
We offer 3D modelling and CAD plans for infrastructure projects, providing insights for improved design, construction, and maintenance.
Urban Planning
Our digital models assist in visualising cityscapes, simulating scenarios, and analysing development impacts, promoting sustainable urban development.
Facility & Asset Management
Our digital solutions, including AsBuilt models and digital twins, streamline space use, maintenance planning, and asset tracking, driving productivity and savings.
Manufacturing Solutions
We provide CAD design, 3D modelling, and digital twin tech to refine production lines, design prototypes, and enhance operations, ensuring product quality and operational efficiency.
At Galaxy City, we’re at the nexus of technology and construction, offering digital solutions that redefine industry standards.

Hydrographic Surveying

Sea Walls Construction & Monitoring
Galaxy City’s hydrographic surveys are foundational for the design and oversight of sea walls, vital protectors for coastal communities against storms, tides, and erosion. Our detailed data on currents, sediment movements, and wave patterns ensures the creation of robust and harmonious sea walls with the coastal ecosystem. This commitment safeguards human settlements and preserves natural habitats.
Ports and Harbours Design
We excel in hydrographic services essential for the meticulous planning of ports and harbours. Providing precise depth measurements, comprehensive seabed mapping, and pinpointing underwater hazards, we ensure safe navigation and efficient operations. Our expertise paves the way for ports and harbours that are secure, functional, and primed for smooth maritime trade.
Dredging Operations
Our hydrographic surveys play a crucial role in guiding and validating dredging operations. We map sediment buildup, shape dredging strategies, and ensure environmental and depth targets are met. After dredging, our surveys assess the operation’s efficiency and its environmental impact, ensuring waterways remain navigable and eco-friendly.
Coastal Engineering
In coastal engineering, our surveys provide invaluable data for the design of jetties, breakwaters, and other marine structures. With insights into currents, tides, and wave patterns, we empower engineers to create resilient structures that withstand marine challenges and minimize environmental disruption.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Galaxy City, a leading GPR scanning and modelling specialist, offers exceptional insights into subsurface conditions. Ground-penetrating radar is a non-invasive tool that utilises electromagnetic waves to image the subsurface, revealing objects, changes in material, and voids hidden below the surface. Our GPR services offer crucial information for industries ranging from construction and environmental to archaeology and public safety.

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Key Services:

Utility Detection
  • Precise location, depth, and type identification of buried utilities.
  • Minimized risk of utility strikes during excavation, ensuring worker safety and project continuity.
Structural Investigations
  • Non-destructive assessment of concrete structures.
  • Identification of reinforcing bars, post-tension cables, voids, and concrete thickness.
  • Data-driven repair strategies for structural safety.
Archaeology & Heritage Preservation
  • Non-intrusive location and mapping of archaeological features.
  • Preservation and understanding of historical sites.
Geotechnical Applications
  • Mapping of bedrock profiles, groundwater locations, and geological features.
  • Data support for site investigations, construction, and environmental studies.
Environmental Studies
  • Location of underground storage tanks, contaminant tracing, and landfill extent determination.
  • Data for environmental assessments, remediation strategies, and regulatory compliance.
Public Safety & Forensics
  • Location of clandestine graves, concealed weapons, and buried evidence.
  • Support for law enforcement and forensic investigations.
Roads & Highways
  • Identification of subsurface anomalies, pavement layer thickness assessment, and utility tracing.
  • Data-driven maintenance strategies for enhanced road safety and longevity.
  • Surveys of sub-rail environments, void detection, and ballast condition assessment.
  • Ensuring safe and efficient rail operations and network longevity.

IT & Cyber Security at Galaxy City

As a leader in IT and Cyber Security for Geospatial Services. We pride ourselves on delivering tailored server solutions combined with stringent security measures, ensuring your geospatial data remains protected and confidential in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

With Galaxy City by your side, you have a dependable ally committed to the safety and efficient management of your geospatial data.
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Key Offerings:

Custom Server Solutions
Servers are meticulously designed to cater to your geospatial data processing requirements. Advanced data management capabilities, adaptable for both on-premises setups or within our state-of-the-art facilities.
Secure Data Storage
Reliable storage options on our fortified servers. Measures are in place to deter unauthorized access, ensuring the integrity and safety of your data.
Advanced Cyber Security Protocols
Comprehensive defense mechanisms against emerging cyber threats. A dedicated team consistently updates and overseeing security measures, guaranteeing your data’s protection.
Ongoing IT Training & Support
Expert-led sessions to navigate the nuances of server systems and data management protocols. Responsive customer support for all inquiries or challenges, ensuring uninterrupted and secure operations.

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