Wind Damage Repairs

Wind & Storm Damage Repairs

Recover fast from sudden, natural events.

Wind and storm damage repair needs to occur as soon as possible after the event happens. This ensures that you are able to return to your day-to-day business sooner in a safe and comfortable environment.

At Galaxy City, we understand how important it is to quickly regain access to your full premises. This is why our highly trained and experienced staff move swiftly to develop and implement wind and storm damage repair solutions as part of our overall foundation and structural repair services. Your safety — and the safety of your premises — is important to us, and you can rest assured that you are in good hands when you choose Galaxy City as your wind and storm damage repair company.

  • Heavy Roof Damage

    During thunderstorms, heavy gusts of wind or hail can cause severe damage to your roof. This damage can vary depending on your roof material, including dented metal, or cracked or missing tiles. As a result, your roof’s structural integrity can be severely compromised.
  • Water Damage

    With heavy rainfall, pooling and water damage can occur. This can be a particularly serious issue if your roof also becomes damaged, allowing water into the roof cavity. You may also have issues with clogged gutters, allowing water to seep through ceilings and walls. Gutters may also become too heavy and sag or collapse. Allowing water to flow freely through any parts of your space can cause extensive damage to your building’s structure, therefore it is best dealt with quickly.
  • Damage Due to Debris

    In wild weather, debris like sticks and branches can fall or be hurled onto your roof. Trees may even fall onto your premises. These elements can cause serious damage to your building, necessitating fast and effective repairs to avoid catastrophic outcomes.

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