Foundation & Structural Repairs

Foundational and Structural Repairs

Get strength from the ground up.

Team agility, knowledge and experience is required to tackle complex problems.

At Galaxy City, we have a proven track record as foundation repair specialists, delivering exceptional results and works for clients across Victoria and Queensland. We offer strategic foundation and structural repair services for a range of projects. Our focus is on rebuilding or stabilising the existing structure of all projects we undertake, ensuring the longevity and safety of the building and space. To achieve this, we use industry-leading technology to gather as much information about the site. We can then formulate an effective repair strategy that meets your needs.

Commercial Foundation Repair & Rebuilding Services

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We are equipped to manage:
  1. 01 Sinking foundations repairs
  2. 02 Cracked and uneven slabs
  3. 03 Damaged and failed retaining walls
  4. 04 Impact and wind-damaged structural repairs
  5. 05 Reinstatement of damaged services, such as fire hydrants, plumbing and electrical

Our process begins with an initial investigation, organising any scanning and inspections that may be required, such as GPR and concrete scanning services, using the latest technologies.

Our in-house specialists work to finalise any engineering that may be required in order to provide you with the best possible solutions. Our project management team leaders will keep you informed of all developments, ensuring that you understand what is being done and why. This also allows for two-way communication so that the end result best matches your needs and wants for the repairs.

What Foundation Repair Service Do You Need?

There are many types of foundation repairs to rectify cracked walls and more, as evidenced in our extensive foundation repair service capabilities. This is why it’s important to always choose foundation repair specialists who have the knowledge, experience and technology to best handle your specific needs. As comprehensive professionals, we can assist you with many forms of commercial foundation repairs to enhance the safety, stability and overall look of your building and business.

When it comes to determining what type of foundation repair is best, we carefully assess your unique circumstances. For instance, as part of a sinking foundation repair, we may install steel piers or posts to support and reinforce the foundation, levelling it once more.

We may also need to remove and relay parts of the foundation to remove structural instabilities or inaccuracies to provide you with the best foundation possible. Once we have reestablished the foundation’s strength, we can then address cosmetic issues caused by the structural problems, like cracks in walls and plaster.

At Galaxy City, we never use half-measures. We are dedicated to providing our clients with an end result that is durable, reliable and exceptional. This is why when it comes to foundation repairs, you will always get a tailored solution that is informed by our years of experience and the extensive data that we gather about your premises and structure.

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