Geospatial Surveying & Technology

Geospatial Surveying & Technology

See the full picture of your project with geospatial surveys.

Analysis & full understanding before any ground is broken with accurate geospatial data mapping.

With Galaxy City’s advanced geospatial survey solutions, your project can more comprehensively address the challenges and complexities of your site and space. Using the latest geospatial surveying and mapping technology, we can more accurately and extensively gather data about your site.

From there, our geospatial surveyors can thoroughly analyse this information, creating 3D models and more for a compelling and detailed interactive walkthrough of this critical data. With this enhanced understanding of your site, we are better able to plan strategies and solutions to increase the success of your project, while limiting delays and problems. With our geospatial surveying, mapping and layout options, you will never be working in the dark.

  • A better understanding of your space, and its restrictions and potential for all stakeholders.
  • An interactive 3D walkthrough for you of your space and the proposed build to ensure it best meets your needs and requirements. This includes 3D point clouds and reality models for in-depth geospatial solutions.
  • Improved planning and construction strategies and solutions through identifying and overcoming potential problems early, limiting delays and obstacles.’
  • Full awareness of potential problems and how we intend to address them seamlessly for all stakeholders.
  • A longer-lasting build and more successful project as your custom geospatial solution more accurately works with the space.
  • Our outstanding workmanship and passion can be applied with laser-precision to your project.

Delivering high-level geospatial mapping for a high-quality build.

With access to a host of advanced technology, including UAV (drones), we are a CASA-approved geospatial service company in Australia that can offer a true scan to BIM service with a range of outputs. As part of our geospatial data gathering and solutions process, our ReOC and RePL-certified team members use drones, cameras and laser scanning to determine the real world context for the data and any future modelling.

This can then be inputted into a number of programs, including Photoshop and Revit, for further development. Depending on the project’s needs, our geospatial engineering and surveying team can then provide accurate calculations for volume, create a digital terrain model, develop ceiling plans and more.

Explore your project’s potential through our geospatial service.

Connect with an advanced geospatial survey and mapping service to set your project up for success.

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