There Are Cracks In My Walls: Do I Need Structural Repair Services?

November 24, 2022 By Analytikal9gmail-com

Spotting cracks in the walls of your building and having to contend with the prospect of calling out a foundation repair specialist is every property owner’s greatest nightmare.

It is entirely human to feel anxious and ask yourself questions such as: are cracks in walls dangerous? Is this a sign that my building is going to collapse? We understand that finding cracks in your wall is confusing and nerve-wracking, which is why we’ve put together a guide to help you figure out how serious the issue is and what the possible solutions to the problem could be.

Should I Be Worried About That Crack?

While cracks in walls can be normal, and there is usually no need to panic, you do need to address any cracks as soon as possible. Not only are they unsightly, but cracks in your walls can be dangerous, in that they can be a sign of serious structural problems. The foundational stability of your building may be at risk. Although enlisting the support of structural repair services is the best way to get clarity on the severity of the problems, here are some of the signs that give you insight into the seriousness of the issue.

The Location of the Crack

The location of a crack makes a huge difference. Cracks along the edge of a wall or ceiling are usually just a symptom of your home settling into its foundation. As long as the cracks are small or like spiderwebs, they aren’t a significant cause for concern. However, if the crack is in the middle of the wall or ceiling, it could be a sign of a bigger issue, so it is best to seek professional help from a foundation repair services company, like Galaxy City.

The Direction of the Crack

Generally, vertical cracks are less of a cause for concern than horizontal ones as they run in the same direction as the plaster. These tend to form as the house settles into its foundations. Unless the cracks start on the ceiling and continue down the wall in a straight line, you don’t need to be overly stressed. On the flip side, horizontal cracks or those running at jagged angles are concerning as they could indicate the foundation shifting or undetected water damage. To be on the safe side, any crack that runs at a 45-degree angle or less is worth having checked out professionally.

The Size of the Crack

Another factor you need to consider when looking at cracks in your building is the size. Small cracks are usually no big deal, but you still need to keep an eye on them, as they could be the start of bigger issues. Large cracks, however, should be quickly evaluated by a trained foundation repair specialist. Any crack that is bigger than 1.5 cm is cause for concern, especially if you feel like it appeared overnight.

The Dangers of Ignoring a Crack in Your Wall

Let’s begin by getting a few things straight. While cracks in your building’s walls or ceiling aren’t something that should ever be ignored, it is not likely that your building will collapse completely, even when these cracks indicate foundational issues. The best solution is to consult with a reputable structural repair services company — like Galaxy City — to ensure the problem is addressed efficiently and effectively.

Turning a blind eye to cracks is problematic on several levels. Firstly, they will never just go away or fix themselves. They may, however, get worse over time as the structural damage behind them can quickly worsen. For instance, this damage could be the result of pipes breaking, electrical issues or sinking foundations.

How to Repair a Wall Crack & Any Associated Structural Problems

Regardless of the severity of the crack or whether the signs indicate that the cracks have been caused by structural damage, the fact is that repairing cracks is no easy DIY project. It is always best to err on the side of caution and consult a professional foundation repair service. These structural repair specialists have the knowledge and expertise to inspect the cracks properly and assess whether they have been caused by structural damage to the foundation of your home. They can then devise the best solution to get all issues resolved.

Even if the cracks in your building aren’t caused by foundational issues, a specialist structural repair service should also be able to tell you how to best handle any cosmetic issues. They’ll make sure your building is standing safe and looking in tip-top condition to boot.

Finding a Reputable Structural Repair Service

In short, if you notice cracks in the walls or ceiling of your building, they are not to be ignored, regardless of how small they are. Even if they don’t seem so serious at first, you’ll need to keep an eye on them, in case they quickly grow or worsen. If you suspect the cracks in your walls indicate something more insidious than general settling, it is better to get your property assessed sooner rather than later. Acting now will resolve the problem more swiftly and likely at a far lower price.

At the end of the day, while this guide should help you give a better idea of why you are finding cracks in your home, it is always best to hire the services of a reputable structural repair service if you find yourself unsure about any crack, bump or imperfection in the walls or ceiling of your property. Luckily, you can trust Galaxy City with this important job.

Our team has extensive experience in handling structural repairs, including to foundations and walls, fixing up serious and aesthetic damage to get everything back in shape. So, don’t ignore any cracks in your walls — or let worries about them keep you up at night — get in touch with Galaxy City today.