The 3 Key Ways Drone Mapping Keeps Everyone Safe

October 25, 2023 By Analytikal9gmail-com
Drone Mapping

A significant advance in geospatial technology, drone mapping with specially equipped 3D laser scan or LiDAR drones has a host of benefits. These include increases in the accuracy of the data gathered, and reducing the time and effort required to gather said data. However, one benefit that may not be as immediately as apparent but is nonetheless just as important is the positive effect 3D laser scanning services have had on safety for everyone.

How Does Drone Mapping Work?

To understand the contribution 3D laser scanning drones have had in regards to safety, you need to understand the fundamentals of how they work. In the past where someone may have had to walk, drive or fly across an area with specialised geospatial cameras and/or taking measurements, nowadays a remotely controlled drone can complete the work.

Drone photogrammetry involves flying a drone equipped with a camera over a target area, capturing a series of overlapping photographs. These images are geotagged with GPS data for precise location information. Specialised software processes the images, identifying common features and calculating their 3D positions. This data is used to create a detailed 3D model or map of the area, with a point cloud representing the surface and textures applied for realism.

How Does LiDAR Drone Scanning Keep People Safe?

So how does all this lead to improved safety?

1. Reduces Risks to Workers

For starters, to complete the same geospatial surveying work workers no longer need to find ways to access difficult or dangerous areas. This is a particular concern when dealing with certain industries, like mining. Instead, the drone can be remotely controlled to gather the necessary data.

2. Improves Ease of Site Inspections & Structural Maintenance

A large portion of geospatial surveys are dedicated to examining existing structures. Over time, sound structures can become unsafe without obvious signs of this. Therefore, geospatial surveyors may be at risk while conducting these checks. Additionally, those completing structural maintenance tasks can also be at risk. However, because drone mapping is so quick, thorough and accurate, these risks can be discovered easily before anyone is exposed to harm.

Similarly, the ease of regular drone mapping to check a structure means that maintenance surveys can be conducted more regularly. In turn, this means issues are more likely to be picked up before they get to the stage where they can endanger someone, as well as becoming more costly. Therefore, using a 3D laser scan drone for site inspections and structural maintenance checks can be extremely cost effective, as well as promote a safe environment for all workers.

3. Improves Monitoring of Site Progress

Active worksites are extremely hazardous for a number of reasons. However, one significant risk is the overall structure being built incorrectly. Even a few millimetres difference from plans can compromise the structural integrity of a building, for instance, or endanger those on site.

Therefore, 3D laser scan drones can be used to regularly inspect the progress of a site. As they are so quick and accurate, this can be done on a more frequent basis, checking that work is being completed properly. This then allows for a reduction of safety issues as any potential problems can be quickly rectified before they become serious.

Choosing Your Drone Operators Matters Though

Of course, the safety LiDAR scanning and the like promote can only be achieved if you have experienced geospatial experts operating the drones conducting the 3D mapping and then interpreting the resulting data. This is why Galaxy City has a team of geospatial surveyors who are practised in using drones for these purposes. As a result, they are able to accurately and quickly gather data about a range of sites, from operational mines to busy hospitals. They can then translate this information into readily accessible 3D walkthrough tours and more to effectively and efficiently convey the importance of any required structural work on the site or outline potential problems for new builds to all stakeholders concerned.

How Will 3D Laser Scanning Drones Make Your Worksite Safer?

See for yourself the difference a LiDAR drone survey makes by getting in touch with Galaxy City today.