GPR Scanning

GPR Scanning

Everything becomes clear with our ground penetrating radar.

GPR (ground penetrating radar) scanning allows us to fully assess and analyse the conditions we are working with on any project, ensuring we are able to strategise for all possible challenges and achieve the best possible results. 

Before a concrete surface is disturbed, our experts need to understand what lies within it to plan around any cables, pipes, steel, voids or conduits. GPR scanning is an easy, efficient and effective way to do this, ensuring no damage is caused and all personnel are working in safe conditions. 

GPR and concrete scanning combined enables us to remove a large volume of guesswork from a project.

We can accurately assess the concrete’s thickness, locate all reinforcements and services, identify changes in soil type, and pinpoint any sinkholes and voids that may be present. As a result, we are able to more accurately price the project, plan for the successful execution of all stages and significantly reduce the potential for variations throughout the project. We can also provide our clients with 2D, 3D and virtual scans to provide further insights into the work that is required.

State-of-the-art GPR scanning allows us to approach each project with a clear understanding of all conditions present, even those that are hard to detect. Find out what you’re working with by talking to us today.

Find out what you’re working with by talking to us today.

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